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Gracan Office Supplies was born from a small idea to supply our clients with their basic stationery. With a strategy planned, which was easier said than done, Gracan Office Supplies went out into the corporate field and started the slow process of creating a name in the business world. We soon learned that there was more to supplying stationery than just delivering some products to a client.  We learned that clients were looking for certain factors in suppliers which were not available from all suppliers.  Next to competitive prices, clients were looking for a better, more personalised service. They were looking for a supplier who would understand their individual needs and someone who could supply solutions and not just another stationery order.

With these factors set in mind, we changed our strategy and soon discovered that we were able to walk that extra mile. We were proud to see that we left our clients satisfied. Our clients have stayed loyal to us throughout the years and we continue to build on this.

We pride ourselves in our service and our never ending need for success drives us to improve our service on a daily basis.

Gracan Office Supplies is most definitely not a 8 to 5 business. We go the extra mile.


Our Prices: 



R225.00 exc Vat                 


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