Time & Attendance
Our Time & Attendance and Access Control systems are based on fingerprint scanning using Biometric technology. Whether you are a private organization or governmental agency you require a company to deliver quality projects, reliable solutions, on schedule and within budget.


MorphoAccess is a physical access control terminal based on fingerprints enabling identification (1 among N) and multiple authentication (identity confirmation). It can operate alone or networked and provides a "Plug and Play" solution adapted to existing access control systems. Contactless card readers may be available depending on the model. There is a version for indoors installations and another version (Outdoor MorphoAccess) for outdoors installations.

MorphoAccess J Series

The MorphoAccess® J Series fingerprint identification terminals are easy-to-implement access control devices. Combining stylish design and reliability, they bring the security of biometrics to any kind of installation, in prestige premises (corporate offices, administration buildings etc…) or outdoor environments. 
Intuitive and easy-to-install (adapted to standard electric boxes, configurable by USB flash drive) 
  •   Standalone or networked 
  •   Multiple interfaces including Power over Ethernet (PoE) on RJ45 and Wireless Ethernet (option) 
  •   MIFARE® and secure DESFire® contactless smartcard reader 
  •   IP65 rated for outdoor use (once wall mounted


MorphoAccess 500+ Series

MorphoAccess® 500+ Series is a range of high-performance fingerprint identification terminals for Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance management:
  • rapid, accurate and reliable
  • using a FBI PIV IQS certified sensor with large capture surface
  • allowing 1:1 authentication and 1:N identification of up to 50,000 users
  • easily integrable into existing systems
  • equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • MIFARE®/DESFire® card reader/encoder available in option
  • Fake Finger Detection available in option
SuperVisions' mission is to create biometric solutions which work seamlessly in the robust and rugged operating environments found across our continent. To do so we blend our own locally developed software with the world's best authentication hardware
The SuperVision identity management solution is a suite of software applications including a physical access solution, a time & attendance application, and logical access products including pc log on and secure application sign on. These can be used independently or combined to leverage the full benefit of an integrated approach to managing identity


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